About us:
The Inga Sami Siida is a small Sami family business located on Norway’s largest island, Hinnøya. You are welcome to visit us 4.3 kilometers northeast of Sortland, in beautiful Vesteraalen.

Our names are Laila and Arild Inga. We are related and from the same family. Our family has been reindeer breeders since we moved with the reindeers from Northern Sweden 150 years ago. We are Sami, the Nordic countries’ own indigenous people, and reindeer farming in Norway is only allowed if you are Sami. Today, only seven percent of all Sami people in Norway own reindeers.

In Vesteraalen there are many steep mountains, so every winter we lose some reindeers in snow avalanches. Also, thick ice covering the ground can make the reindeers starve. In 2009, after some winters with extra harsh grazing conditions, we decided to build a fence construction at our farm for the reindeers, where we now feed them through the worst part of the winter.

However, reindeer fodder is expensive, and admitting paying visitors is an important contribution to financing the reindeer fodder. This was the start of the Inga Sami Siida. Today, we welcome tourists from all over the world, in addition to company visitors, teams, and local organisations including kindergartens and schools. The Siida has become an important part of our reindeer business, and is mainly run by Laila.

Inga Sami Siida
At our farm, we welcome our guests into two wooden lavvus. We also have a small shop where we sell reindeer furs, Sami knives and duodji (Sami crafts). During summer, we run an exhibition in the old barn. Here our guests can see pictures from all the 8 seasons of a reindeer farming year. The exhibition also includes Sami costumes and equipment. Last, but not least, we have a fence construction where you get the opportunity to meet the reindeers.

Our guests are welcome to experience the exotic native Sami culture. We tell you the stories about our Sami culture, myths and magic, herding reindeers, and the daily life of the arctic reindeers and their exciting properties. You will experience Joik (The traditional song of the Sami people) while seated around the warm, cosy fireplace inside our lavvu, enjoying the special atmosphere.

Outside you might want to try lassoing. Our guests are invited to meet the reindeer for an exciting experience! Guests get to feed the reindeers, they are tame and will eat food straight from your hand. While you are feeding the reindeer, it’s an excellent opportunity to shoot wonderful pictures. If you have booked in advance, it might be possible to have a short sledding trip with the reindeers.

Location: We are located 4.5 kilometers northeast of the Sortland bridge, towards Andenes on riksvei 82. Follow the sign by the road.

Opening hours: 15.June – 31.August: from 10 am – 3 pm. In the afternoon upon inquiry. The rest of the year by appointment.

Contact information: phone: +47 908 77 558 / +47 761 25 123.
E - mail: lailainga@hotmail.com

Recommended clothing: Dress according to the weather! In winter you might experience temperatures down to -15 degrees celcius, and sometimes it’s windy as well. Inside the lavvu the floor temperature might be low, so warm footwear is recommended.

We recommend:
- Woollen underwear
- One or two layers of thicker wool or fleece
- Warm outer clothing: down- or thermo clothes. Windproof / waterproof jacket according to conditions.
- Good hat and warm mittens / gloves

Also: please bring a headlamp (in the wintwrseason!), and remember your camera!